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Build Your Own Pool

For the customer who wants the best of the best

We have the ability to turn your dream business into a reality and building your own bespoke pool is affordable, and easier to maintain than you might think. It’s a smart and secure investment, which will provide countless returns.

We will work with you to design a bespoke pool to suit your requirements

Take the first steps towards building your dream pool.

  • Decide what pool works best for you venture
  • Apply for a permit to operate your business
  • What type of pool do you require?
  • What dimensions will suit your needs? for example if you just want to run baby and toddler swimming or do you require a pool that’s big enough to teach all age groups.
  • A Spa pool is a great option for some, small enough to run small classes and provide a private space for parents who want exclusivity. Our Parent & Baby Spa program in unique and original not be be confused with baby spa where the parents put their children in a neck ring and stand on the outside of the pools.

We can provide the best Swimming Pool for Low Maintenance and Longevity


This could be one of your biggest financial investments we can help with that too we can arrange finance for you with a payment plan to suit your needs.

Do you already have your baby swimming company?

If you are already running your own swimming business but can't find a pool due to the competition in your area? Then we can provide you with the solutions! No more searching, no more sweating about your existing pools contracts or the lack of hours available to hire, building your own pool is the answer you have been searching for!!!

Swimming Pools

No matter how your pool is used – for a business, teaching, for games, for relaxation, or for exercise - the pool experience is pure enjoyment at its finest.

Swim Spas

Like a magnet, the family pool - and especially the spa - encourage everyone to come together, some call it bonding, others simply call it love - the kind that keeps families close. From fountains, waterfalls , we can transform any ordinary spa into an elegant retreat for parents who prefer that luxury experience