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Baby Swimming

Aquababies classes aim to educate parents whilst teaching them how to teach their child. We are the pioneers in structured lessons where each class is different.

Swimming is a very repetitive sport so skills must be repeated until the child’s motor skills develop and they can put movements together. This is taken into in to consideration when the lesson plans are designed. Children have a short attention span, we teach essential skills and add variety to help them absorb information whilst having FUN.

We must manage the parent’s expectations too; co-ordination comes with age and size so swimming takes time. They should exercise patience and just enjoy their swimming experience together.


We have different teaching strategies for different age groups.

Babies: We have over 25 different lesson plans for babies.

Toddlers: The lessons are broken down into stages but repeated more than the babies to help toddlers swim as early as possible.

PRE-SCHOOL: We teach the foundations of structured lesson with an element of fun. It’s important that children enjoy their learning process the class should not be regimental.


The teachers have aims and objectives, children need songs to help them listen and relax but need to learn swimming skills so instead of classes that are just nursery rhythms we match songs to exercises to help them learn each skill eg kicking songs.

SAFETY is paramount, our teachers ensure that the parents are aware of the safety measures that must be put in place in any swimming environment.



The method of teaching used by Aquakiddies/babies swimming classes was first pioneered in Australia during the 1960s. Our founder was one of the first children to be taught this way and she went on to be a competitive swimmer. Julie-Ann James spent many years researching baby swimming to create a program to teach parents how to teach their children with health & safety being one of the main objectives, she then brought this revolutionary technique to the UK in 1991.

Combining Experiences into a Single Program

Our experience of developing and delivering successful baby and toddler swimming programs for the past 15 years has given us a unique insight into this market. Parents are always commenting that they are getting a work out too during the classes, an unexpected bonus. We are constantly evaluating our swimming program in our desire to be the best and it was through this process that we began to look at how we could incorporate more structured exercise into the baby swimming classes and so Parent & Baby Aqua was born.

Mission Statement

We are passionate about what we do and we will provide excellent exercise programs for parents based on the PABA program and offer a friendly, efficient administrative service. We will offer continual professional development courses in the way of training programs for each individual course ie PABA Fit, Yoga, Bollywood and Salsa.

We aim to be the first call for all programs in the areas in which we operate and to become the overall market leader nationally. We will target a customer base of new parents and offer them reasonably priced, good quality, PABA courses. Adults will learn how to exercise with their children whilst introducing basic breathing exercises, water safety and confidence techniques in a safe and clean environment. Parents can also keep fit with our innovative programs. We aim for 70% retention of customers.


  • We are the pioneers in new innovative exciting classes. Our tried and tested programs are used around the world.
  • We are world leaders in a new market.
  • Joint activity for parent and baby.
  • We provide a mutually beneficial exercise program that has Physiological Psychological and Social Benefits.


Always evolving, Julie-ann developed a revolutionary new aqua based fitness and baby development product for parents with their babies called PABA which has several variations, Fit, Yoga, and out latest is Latin Swimba and in the process of creating Bollywood and Western. Work out whilst having fun.

These inspiring programs were oginally created for mothers pre and post natal depression, The body can have a powerul effect on mental wellbeing; therefore moving your body and getting some exercise is a great way to make you feel good!

Parent and Baby SPA

The world’s first Aqua Parent & Baby Spa Concept. A relaxing program where both parent & child bond together combining Paba Yoga movements and Aquababies swimming techniques whilst enjoying a sensory experience with jets of bubbles, colourful lights, music and especially cuddles from parents. This is an ideal franchise product where Aquababies can provide your own spa pool and an extensive training program to enable you to run a unique rewarding business.

Swimming with Disabilities

Swimming for both a parent or child with a disability can be very rewarding. The water can provide so many health benefits for physical and emotional support, freedom of movement, improves cardio vascular, helps to strengthen muscles and flexibility. Aquababies, encourages swimming for any one with mental or physical disability.

Private Lessons

Julie-ann travels to many countries to teach private lessons, her specialty is newborns although she is hired to teach to all groups. Satisfied customers of Julie-ann’s baby swimming lessons include Thierry Henri, Tony Blair, Jack Dee, Ruby Wax, Pat Cash and Robin Van Persie, Dido and many celebrities have attended her Aqua baby swimming lessons.

Aquababies franchisees also offer private lessons.